With Type 2 Diabetes – Fast more than you feast.

It sounds self-evident – People who have type 2 diabetes, and thereby effectively store glucose and fats do not need to eat often. Only twice daily may be best. It was wise for this researcher to prove what is so clearly evident in  my practice and well stated in my book, The Blood Code – that two and a half meals per day is adequate for people but especially for those who store well. Someone with fatty liver, high blood sugar and higher body fat does need to eat more, I’d suppose that if this were a duck, PETA fanatics would picket the front lawn. But instead this is people, thinking they need a snack when plenty of energy sits in waiting – only to be released between meals.

Other reasons to eat less frequently:

  1. The human digestive tract requires about 4-6 hours to convert what was eaten through the small absorptive intestine. Eating a meal before that time has elapsed results in inadequate digestion and likely an irritable bowel.
  2. Meals tend to have unprocessed foods in a balance of protein and fats and thereby provide the building blocks to a healthy diet. Snacks are notoriously inadequate.
  3. Every time we eat, insulin is released , and this anabolic (tissue-growing) hormone only recovers after about 3 hours. It is after this 3 hours that you will effectively burn fats for energy and perform best with any athletic pursuit.

Bravo to the research team for helping change the conversation to the benefits of less frequent meals. I will add, that with a higher fat diet, this is easy and feels natural.

The press release of the study can be found here: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-05/d-tlm051314.php

The complete study is listed here: https://www.diabetologia-journal.org/files/Kahleova.pdf