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The Portland Clinic

Dr. Maurer has practiced integrative medicine for over twenty years. He interprets symptoms, history and most importantly, metabolic blood test results to help clients find the dietary, nutritional, and fitness changes that radically improve their health and performance. His own personal and familial trend toward type 2 diabetes has only strengthened his preventive and natural medical pursuits; to help people find the habits that provide the healthiest future and naturally resolve common conditions, such as fatigue, weight gain, pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk. He has developed to provide a community of empowered men and women who will become experts about their own diet and fitness needs for a long and healthy life. He is a doctor, author, teacher and parent and travels regularly for lectures and retreats.

He regularly writes for national blogs and magazines including theNatPath and the most popular Paleo Conference site PaleoFX. His first book is The Blood Code: Unlock the secrets of your metabolism

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Clinic Hours

Monday – Thursday

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


50 Cove Street

Portland, ME 04101

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Initial Discovery Consultation with Dr. Maurer – 75 min

    For New Clients: With blood test results in hand, We will go through your family & past history, medications, skin-fold calipers, and current diet & fitness. You will gain insight into your metabolic needs and find the unique dietary, fitness and nutritional program. Your Blood Code results, interpretation and personalized recommendations will help you toward lasting disease reversal and wellness.

Your Progress and Follow-up Consultation. (30 min for established clients)

    For Established Clients within a year of the prior office consult: We’ll review your dietary, nutritional, fitness habits as well as other medical conditions. This is the important moment to assess what is working – typically done 90 days from your launch. Blood test results and skin-fold calipers do not lie – this progress appointment helps keep your metabolism in the sweet-spot that you deserve.

Extended Follow-up and Progress Session. (45 min for established clients)

    For Established Clients where it has been greater than a year since the prior office consult: This 45 minute extended office consultation allows for a complete overview of your tests, treatment plans, health and medical concerns and progress. As with all consultations, blood test results should be received ahead of time.

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