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We have wrongly placed medical institutions as the best advisors in the arena of disease prevention and wellness care, especially for metabolic conditions like weight, heart disease risk and blood sugar problems. At The Blood Code, our goal is to provide you with rational and effective guidance that puts you in the driver’s seat of disease reversal and prevention.

Again, This is about you, not us. We are all looking for the path that best helps us recover our health, but contradictory dietary and health recommendations seem to arrive to our inbox daily.  We can help you find the answers to become your own expert.

Thanks for allowing us to be your trusted source of information toward your healthiest metabolism.

Is The Blood Code related to my blood type?

No. Your Blood Code is revealed with basic metabolic blood tests. The results show how your genetics are currently intersecting with your diet, fitness and nutrition. Your blood type is a distinct genetic trait, like that which determines gender or eye color and has little implication to  your metabolism.

Where do I get blood tests done?

You have two options: You can have them ordered through your healthcare provider or you can access a “direct-to-consumer” lab.

Your Health care provider: Discuss and share The Blood Code Test Panels  with your healthcare provider and assure each test can be ordered.

We have worked with ULTA LABS, a direct-to-consumer laboratory facility in the U.S. They have facilities throughout the country and offer The Blood Code Test Panels at a remarkable discount. The results will be sent directly to you and you have the option to share the results with your healthcare provider.

How do I figure out my insulin resistance number, HOMA-IR?

The calculation is done using U.S. standard units, where glucose is mg/dL and Insulin is uIU/mL. The HOMA-IR is then simply calculated.

Glucose X Insulin÷405 = HOMA-IR

HOMA-IR Blood Code Calculation

What are skin-fold calipers, and where do I get them?

Skin-fold calipers are simple devices that measure the thickness of a fold of skin and the attached tissue and fats underneath. In my practice I have often taught people how to use them. I have a $250 professional one, but prefer to use the $20 one; it’s accurate and easier to read. You can purchase a calipers here.

I am taking the Metabolic Support Pack, do I still need my old multiple vitamin?

No. The Metabolic Support Pack includes all the nutrients found in a multiple vitamin mineral in the quantity needed to assure your healthiest metabolism.

I am hypothyroid and on thyroid medication. Will my medication needs change after I start my Blood Code program and change my diet, fitness and nutrition?

As with other medications, like those for high blood pressure, when you  make effective changes in you diet, fitness and nutrition routine, your  newfound health might require medication dosages to be adjusted for the  better. Be in touch with your prescribing provider to monitor more closely.

Is Dr. Maurer available for appointments to discuss my Blood Code and test results?

Dr. Maurer, from his office in Portland Maine, consults with clients both in-office and remotely. Appointments are made through made through “the clinic” above.

Have another question?

There is no frequently asked questions list that covers it all, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.  Send us a question and our team will reply and add it to our list. We love doing this, because The Blood Code is about you – and the community of self-empowered individuals using accurate health markers to steer toward disease recovery and a healthy future.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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