Two Ways to Frame Type 2 Diabetes – You choose!

The disempowered medical management model

“You have type 2 diabetes – a degenerative condition where your body produces inadequate insulin over time and sugars elevate causing complications and disease. But fortunately, there are drugs that can manage the diabetes process and lower your risk of disease complications.” – Ask you local medical office or hospital for a referral near you.

The Empowered message that individually, we have to provide for ourselves:

“Given your lifestyle right now, you are expressing insulin resistance to such an extant that it is called type 2 diabetes. You have an efficient storage metabolism and are well prepared for a strenuous world with few available dietary starches. You, simply, need to live in accordance with your exceptional and perfect ancestral trait.”  Learn about and act upon your blood test results as described in The Blood Code. Follow the steps to create the dietary and exercise habits that move you toward insulin sensitivity—truly removing the diabetes, and all it’s complications, from your life.


Western medical “care” is focused on your problem; your diagnosis. In fact, the key to reimbursement is an applicable diagnosis code, called an ICD. Prevention? I read my “prevention rider” on my catastrophic family health insurance and it lists the covered procedures: Mammograms, colonoscopy, gyn PAP, and prostate evaluations. This is looking for cancer!? This is NOT prevention and it certainly isn’t health promotion.

Perhaps this is enough for some people, but I want more. I want prevention to steer me away for chronic disease. I want to truly live a productive and healthy long life. Clearly our medical insurance and the western medical system will not get us there. To be fair, when it comes to dealing with acute trauma, our medical system is amazing – leave THOSE medical decisions up to medical system. But if you want to avoid a stroke, heart attack, dementia, lose weight and feel better, you will need to take control of our health decisions. Get The Blood Code, get your tests in front of you and get in the driver’s seat.