Jen’s high fat diet for her Blood Code

Case Study Increasing Dietary Fat for Jens Blood Code

The Blood Code Steers Jen Toward Dietary Fats

Jennifer A., fifty-two years old

Jen was fifty-two years old when she came to see me, worried about her blood sugars. Two grandparents had diabetes later in life—dementia was in the family too. She never had a “weight problem,” but had prediabetes on her 2013 test. Her doctor routinely recommended a “low fat diet” despite her slightly high blood sugars. Reluctantly at first, Jen followed the Blood Code carbohydrate reference range for “moderate insulin resistance”.

Jen was pleasantly surprised that her numbers were so much better; she said, “I thought I was eating pretty healthy before, but now, I feel better, my mood and energy more even, and I feel more satisfied.”


Jen, 52 years old Initial Progress Panel on Low Fat Diet 3-mos after high-fat  Blood Code Diet
Triglyceride 108 68
HDL 48 60
TG:HDL 2.2 1.1
HgbA1c 6.0 % 5.4%
Fasting Glucose 105 86
Fasting Insulin 9 6
HOMA-IR 2.3 1.3

Jen's Blood Code Diet

Dr. Maurer notes, “The shift from carbs to fats made the difference. Jen only moderately increased her protein intake—an extra egg, more chicken—whereas her dietary fat intake went from 23 percent of calories to now close to 60 percent of her daily caloric intake.”