What do You Want—Leanness? Energy? Longevity?

I have been searching for what I do.

This is different than figuring out what I want to be when I grow up – or what I should be doing. And I know what I do from my perspective, this question is really about you.

In my world as a naturopathic physician, I am all about preventing the kinds of diseases for which we have some control. Fortunately, this represents most chronic illness. And I am not about following the latest fad…life is short and we have but one. So I don’t want to neglect looking both ways when I get to some risky intersection in my life—like middle age, or during a bout of joint pain, or when heart disease symptoms roar.

So I use blood tests [BloodCode] to navigate and resolve weight gain, high blood pressure, blood sugar problems and other metabolic issues. I take my own medicine, so to speak, and realize fully that I am preventing my type 2 diabetes trait from expressing and I am also doing my part to prevent dementia, cancer and heart disease. But is that WHY I live like I do? Or is it that I feel my best ever?

Do you make changes to reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes or some other disease condition? Do you get motivated because you discover the body you expect for yourself or the energy you wanted? Is it some abstract future, with less cancer risk that motivates you?

I don’t believe conventional medical pathways are good at helping us reach any of these goals. Lots of reasons why your doctor can’t do this for you – and if you want a few slides that introduce my Longevity Metabolism lecture and work – here is a link:

Longevity Metabolism MaurerIntro

I want to hear from you – What motivates you?  Let me know: at https://www.facebook.com/MyBloodCode