My TG:HDL Improves with Short Circuit Exercise

Metabolic Recovery Fitness EquipI regularly hack health metrics that mark for my metabolic longevity. I subjected myself to a VO2 Max study with lactate threshold last spring and I regularly do my own Blood Code blood test results. I also take my Heart Rate Variability, which by the way has continued to improve with more short, strenuous, metabolic exercise. You’d think when I was running more, I’d have a healthier heart, but no, apparently not.  I recently wrote about one of many studies that points to the reason.

If I just take a few metrics from my Blood Code results: You’ll see that my TG:HDL ratio has gone from >1 to less than 1 in the past years a move from a metabolism that tends toward storage to one that tends toward burning. Now many of you know, I have never been heavy, but ironically, I gained nearly ten pounds from 2010 to 2015—it was the right kind of weight—muscular strength. And with a TG:HDL between 0.5-1, I have energy available whenever I need it. It conforms with better energy, better fitness and better mental function. Oh yeah, it marks for lower than usual risk of heart disease compared to a high TG:HDL ratio, such as one that is >2.5.

Maurer Richard BlCodeResults 2015

You will see in my test results graph above, my TG:HDL ratio is the best ever now – and I have records twenty five years back. While I realize I am only in my late-forties, I see people reverse their metabolic age all the time. Personally, I couldn’t’ have done it continuing to exercise the way I learned twenty years ago. And yes, I admit, I have honed a better low-carb-high-fat diet more in accordance with my ancestral traits and blood code.

There is a silver lining on the type of exercise that works for us—it doesn’t take a lot of time. Research, rightly points to 7-minute, 4-minute, 10-minute routines that, when interval-style and strenuous, work better than gentle aerobic exercise. Many years ago, I was told that strenuous exercise with weights could thicken and weaken the heart – to the contrary, in short doses, there are benefits galore. Jeff Eckhouse and I assembled the kinds of exercises that create the bang for the buck metabolic effect in a short period of time and put them in an instructional video.  You can check out the trailer and purchase the video right here.

Go ahead on the page and post your comments about your TG:HDL.  Let’s get the conversation going.