Pharma Markets Type 2 Diabetes Drugs to Kids through a “Study”

Young children are being given drugs, like injectable insulin, instead of real dietary change, for prediabetes and type 2.    The drug sales website is a bucolic scene of farmland and a sunrise.  This is Big Pharma going for our children. Note – they name the site, “Restoring Insulin Secretion”, as though inadequate insulin is the problem. Remember it is the insulin resistance that is the problem and adding insulin can make THAT problem worse – written about with references in this book.

I knew where it was going when I read a recent WebMD headline, “Obese kids exhibit some advanced findings of type 2 diabetes.” Their blood sugar is going up and medication pundits claimed these kids have a “lack” of adequate insulin.  Conveniently, there are drugs that promote insulin secretion, including giving direct insulin. A profitable plan; take prediabetic kids, age 10-19, let them keep eating high carb…and give them insulin injections.

The drug industry is neglecting the appropriate diet and fitness recommendations that let the kids live in accordance with their superpower. They want to sell drugs – to our children.  Drugs that increased the risk of death in type 2 diabetic adults in the ACCORD trial – a trial that needed to be stopped 2-years early due to “high rates of mortality.”

I wake up daily with a renewed passion.  These kids do not have some disease that needs drug treatment.  They need to learn about who they are.  They need to understand their unique Blood Code.  If their ancestors survived feast and famine and pass on an insulin resistant gene to them, they have to learn to eat and live a little like their ancestors.  Kids get this.

The medical system frames type 2 diabetes and prediabetes as a degenerative and progressive disease that will require prescription drugs at some point.  This language is impressively disempowering to an individual, and at a time when they need confidence to make life changes.

Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are super-human strengths that allow me, as this is my genetic trait, to have plenty of glucose energy in my bloodstream even when I exercise aggressively, go long periods without food, and eat few starchy carbohydrates.  It is a great power to have, as long as I understand how to live in accordance with it.  The Blood Test Panels and information in The Blood Code book helps people, of all ages, discover the superhero within.