Here comes a drug to lower triglyceride (TG)-Beware!

Two Studies appeared a couple weeks ago and they point to the money machine of bigpharma crawling their way toward a drug that disposes of triglycerides from your blood stream.  Here’s my warning and why.

In an article about the research from the NYT, the researcher is quoted, “We’ve been looking for something beyond statins.” [That’s because statins are now generic and pharma needs more patented products to recover profit margins – RM]

Clearly, some people have inherited genes that cause Triglycerides to remain >500.  For them a drug is likely to help.  But this represents only about 2% of adult Americans.  So, I warn you, future drug research will manipulate the study populations to show reason to use the drug on people with TG over 150 or 200 mg/dL. It’s simple business, the drug would be for over 20% of adult Americans.

Get ready, the drug company researcher states in the artcile, “Trust me, these data are really exciting.” To him, yes – but to you?

Statins, I believe, can kill. Unless you have already clotted or have had a heart attack due to atherosclerosis, statins are not likely to help you. And the side effect list keeps getting longer.

The issue, as I spelled out in The Blood Code, is that high TG:HDL ratios are linked to substantially higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. And the drug marketing industry has already tried to develop drugs that raise HDL. It didn’t go so well. Both HDL-raising drugs failed when human “volunteers” taking the medications died at alarming rates due to liver failure.

For the drug marketing machines, raising HDL is out, which is why TG lowering is in.

Why am I giving you such a dire warning? In part because TG is so very easy to lower naturally with a low carb diet and strenuous exercise. It’s so easy! Try it yourself.  Take a prior blood test – run your TG:HDL ratio (see the footer at  Then read The Blood Code and find your Carbohydrate Code and follow it. Add a couple days of strenuous exercise – wring out the sponges of your muscles. Walks are not adequate here. Check out the video from Jeff: he had the exercise habits to perfection, just the low carb diet needed to come in. You should retest the TG:HDL ratio after a couple months, you want it as close to 1 as possible. Your TG goal is 40-100 mg/dL. With a lower TG:HDL ratio, you will probably be leaner, happier, have more energy. It’s like you’ll be immortal.

A lifetime of health is in your grasp and I know reading The Blood Code helps get you there. And with immortality, like the American Soccer Team, we don’t lose or die, we just run out of time. Tell your TG-lowering story at