Is The Blood Code For You? Sooner or Later.

Will You Need The Blood Code? Sooner or Later.

The Blood Code: Unlock the secrets of your metabolism, Dr. Richard Maurer

You need it now! If you have been told that you have hypothyroid problems, prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, you need to follow The Blood Code. . . yesterday.

You’ll need it later! For me, in my early 40’s, I wouldn’t have known I was prediabetic had I not proactively done a simple blood test panel. Nearly 50% of adults in America currently express high blood sugar, cholesterol problems, and most are not overweight. Insulin resistance is more common than having blue eyes – You need to discover which 50% you are in, but don’t expect the ten-minute office visit with pill-for-your-symptom to genuinely help you. Weight gain, high blood sugar and “future” strokes and heart attacks require your involvement, not a drug

Why The Blood Code message can save your life

If your blood tests display insulin resistance and you don’t do anything—you live with higher risk for a stroke, heart attack, dementia, cancer—weight gain and type 2 diabetes are almost incidental end-points.

I see thousands of patients who have reversed metabolic conditions to regain their optimal health by doing the opposite of what their doctor told them. They quit their statin, eat a high fat diet, increase their intake of meat and salt, and stop taking the daily aspirin. And the result? Lower blood pressure, lower body fat, better blood test results and renewed energy.

The Blood Code is your guidebook

It’s easy to learn the real meaning behind simple metabolic blood tests described in Step One of The Blood Code. With the subsequent Steps, you will be able to confidently steer the unique diet, nutrition and exercise habits that are right for you—finally free from misleading advice from the latest medical authority or headline.

Recover your optimal weight, health and longevity, not from the latest diet book, but by learning about and living up to the secrets expressed in your Blood Code.