Do You Want to Prevent Dementia?

Do you want to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia? Rhetorical, I know, but we must answer the question for ourselves, seriously, because our medical advisors do not ask or answer the question for us.

Daily, I am reminded about the many ways our medical system fails at delivering health and prevention of disease. I don’t fault doctors, but the system is not designed to promote health. Let me explain about a visit with Kathy, just this week: 59 years old, generally healthy with both longevity and diabetes in her direct family – so she has options for both, in large part, it depends on how she plays her cards. Now Kathy does not smoke, she prepares her own foods and she has a generally active lifestyle, albeit mostly on weekends.

Kathy emailed and scheduled a visit with me after her doctor said her “blood tests looked fine.” But on scanning them herself (I commend that she got a full copy of her test results) she saw that her blood glucose (sugar) was elevated, to around 106. Meanwhile over the prior five years, her doctor had added the classic mix of drugs for mismanaged insulin resistance:

  • Lisinopril (Blood pressure)
  • Simvastatin (cholesterol)
  • Anti-inflammatory (joint pains)
  • Thyroid hormone (hypothyroid often ancestrally coexists with insulin resistance)


Kathy bought and read The Blood Code and got an extra blood test to fulfill the Progress Panel directly at ULTA labs because her doctor, as usually occurs, did not order the HgbA1c or the Insulin.

The picture was clear,  her prediabetes was mild but present. Current studies show that well before diabetes expresses, mildly high blood sugar increases the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia by 20%, and as the blood sugar goes up, the risk of all dementia elevates accordingly.

Check out a great NYT article about recent research on dementia and blood sugar:

Kathy’s dietary and fitness solutions were not hidden away somewhere that only doctors can go. They were written inside her, her blood test results were easy to read and understand. She is now on the path toward remarkable health – with two medications less, her results will be telling in the following 60 days. As her blood sugar improves, which I know it will with her current Blood Code Diet and new Fitness Principles, her risk of heart attack and stroke and weight gain and depression and yes, dementia over the next 20 years reduces also.

Which raises the question for you—do you want to prevent dementia?

I know that your annual medical visit will not lead you to the healthy life you deserve. Prevention, health and vitality are your responsibility.