How to Go From Type 2 to Terrific

I’d like introduce a new program – Type 2 To Terrific. [I am still open to name changes here btw]

It is a collaborative effort to provide hands-on local and remote programs that instruct you toward the metabolic fitness techniques and effective type 2 diet patterns that work best for those expressing the type 2 trait with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes or lipid abnormalities. Metrics guide progress—The Blood Code: Unlock the secrets of your metabolism is the technical manual. But more important to me is re-framing the story to be a truer and more empowered narrative that is you and your ancestors’ ability to thrive and survive in a physically challenging world with fewer carbohydrate calories. Type 2 and prediabetes does not need to be a medical diagnosis with dire endpoints – instead the disease is not you – it is the that your environment needs to be better fit with your innate and perfect type 2 trait.

Type 2 To Terrific is currently a three part program in the works:

  1. Dietary guidance and instruction
  2. Fitness Recovery workouts
  3. Blood Testing and Monitoring

And I want to help other’s tell their story.  Like the stories I hear every day in my office and on skype. A client who is on the path to fixing her type 2 recently wrote,

“After reading the more traditional articles/books/literature the material often left me feeling rattled, dismayed, scared and full of shame and self blame vs. empowered, hopeful and well informed. One of the things I love most about your book is your reframing terms which has been instrumental in creating a powerful shift in my mind about how I view and understand my metabolic constitution.”

Type 2 to Terrific? It is challenging to put the word terrific, or any word that implies “good”, next to type 2 diabetes. But in this case – disease management is not the goal, I instead want to help others find the diet and fitness activities that allow their body, in all it’s ancestral perfection, to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s world.Richard Blue on Beach

Look for more to come in the next months…and do be in touch if you have related ideas or interest.  Very best,

Richard Maurer