Is Your Heartburn Treatment Killing You?

Adults who use antacids in the form of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are between 16% and 21% more likely to experience a heart attack than people who don’t use these incredibly common antacid drugs.Nexium sale kills you

These powerful drugs are now over the counter. Look for the colorful kiosk of “NEXIUM 24” at the pharmacy—other brands include Prilosec and Prevacid. Since these drugs were released about 15 years ago, “black box warnings” have added up. For one, well-established rebound effects make it difficult to stop taking these medications. And then the list of diseases keeps growing—Colitis, pneumonia, C diff infections, bone fractures, adverse drug and nutrient interactions and heart attacks. And as of January 2016 there was yet another major risk that appeared in the literature – kidney failure. Up to a 50% increase risk of major kidney disease and the researchers’ recommendations was simply that people on these PPI medications “should routinely monitor their kidney function.” []

Back in 2008 – A Harvard publication warned that these medications were bad news for most of us. Yet in the following years, the medication class went on the hit over 15 billion per year in sales and become the 3rd most commonly prescribed drug in the United States. Big marketing flew in the face of rational health. The injury these drugs cause are in addition to the fact that they don’t solve the true problem!

You can fully resolve the vast majority of stomach problems by adjusting your diet and getting the GI muscles to work correctly again—by getting rid of insulin resistance and supporting your magnesium intake. If you want one dietary change to try right away after reading this—avoid wheat and gluten especially in the form of cereal, granola and other non-soaked grains.

How to get off the PPI medication?

RhizinateFirst, use one of the shorter acting H2 antagonist medications like Pepcid or Zantac (generics are fine here). You will only need to use these med’s for the first 2-4 weeks while removing the PPI medication.  Then the try to transition from the weaker H2 antagonist medications like pepcid and atke the Chewable DGL product, Rhizinate by Integrative Therapeutics. This herbal extract re-coats the stomach with the protective mucosa that belongs in your gut. Let me know if you have trouble finding Rhizinate—I now keep it in my office as a way to help anyone off the PPI medications. It can be ordered through Healthwave if you have an account with them. Let me know if you need to connect with their service. email the office at

If you know someone on these medications, send them this article – correcting heartburn is easy:Diet, breathing & correct the underlying metabolic condition. It sucks when medical symptom suppression kills people. The naturopath in me gets riled, especially when the real solution is so easy. I wonder whether these “totally healthy” forty and fifty year olds who die of heart attacks were really victims of drug induced events. The medical record is never part of the headline, but oh how I wish it were. You heard it here first...Friends don’t let friends take Antacids.

You have my very best!  Rich Maurer, ND