Don’t get rid of your gene for type 2 diabetes

Beware – Gene protects from type 2 diabetes

I am not a mere contrarian, hear me out. I know some genetics researcher has drawn investors with this rubbish. The study claims that a rare genetic trait found in 0.4% of people can provide about 65% protection from type 2 diabetes. It works, presumably, by inhibiting a gene involved in zinc transport – a process that likely comes with numerous other disease and symptom risks

I want my insulin resistance trait just the way I have it, thank you. That’s the point. The very reason I exist on this Earth is because my ancestors could store a little extra glucose in their tissues even with low caloric periods and high physical exertion. Yes, I know that I do not have to walk 250 steps to get to the fresh water supply on the island of Salina, like my great grandmother did. But maybe those short little triathlons and required training helps mimic the difficult world for which I am wired.

My physical ability is tied to my insulin resistance trait. It has been hours since I have eaten lunch, and I have already exercised today. But what the h#!*, it’s still cold out and pond hockey awaits. If I did not inherit the insulin resistance trait I’d have to take the rest of the day off to recover from my noontime run and workout. I’d feel tired or like I have to snack or something.

As I am—My insulin resistance is a perfect companion to my enjoyment and desire for activity. One requires the other: Tit-for-tat. Excuse me while I go to the pond for a round of 3 on 3. – RM