Cold and Flu Protocol 2022

Prevention & simple natural home remedies for flu and cold

Richard Maurer, ND 


This is not just what I recommend to others, this is what I have on hand at home. -RM

First things first…Classic colds or “rhinoviruses” predominately occur at the beginning and the ends of flu season.  For those of us in the northern climates that means fall and spring.  Rhinoviruses are passed from nose to nose.  Studies have shown that sharing a glass or even kissing are not “highly contagious” activities.  Watch for very goopy noses and sloppy sneezes and coughs.  Try to minimize exposure, although instant hand sanitizers are popular, it is proven they do not effectively replace hand-washing.  This said, some exposures are not preventable (as a parent that raised three children I am aware of this), so the susceptibility of the host (you and your immune system) is the most important factor.  Below are ways of keeping your immune system strong throughout cold and flu season.

Big 3: Wash hands regularly / prevent habitually touching your face and nose / If you are sick, stay home

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Basic Preventive Protocol for Cold Flu Season

The Fullscript resource gives you access to finding all the supplements I keep in my kitchen pantry especially for the winter months. I have my updated cold & flu protocol listed at Fullscript here, I hope you find this helpful toward your healthiest year possible – RM:

TWICE DAILY MULTIPLE by Designs for health – this is my go-to – 1 capsule twice daily. This has no extra Magnesium and Calcium so take that separately.  I only take 1 tablet of Cal Mag 1001 as by gut tolerates.  Other people use up to 3 of these tablets daily.

Cal Mag 1001 by Douglas Labs: 1-3 tablets daily in divided dose as tolerated.

DON’T be low in vitamin D during flu season.  Research is clear that vitamin D supplementation helps prevent the flu.  I take 2000 extra throughout the winter, even though the TWICE daily has 1000 extra per day.

*Cod Liver Oil: [Nordic Natural or Carlson] In our northern climate, the addition of W-3 fatty acids with Vitamin A and D is an important component of our daily diet throughout the winter.  Take 1-2 tsp per day.

Take these at the first sign of symptoms or exposure

A good echinacea – goldenseal tincture:Echinacea, even after thirty years, is a favorite herb of mine. Best to use a form that extracts from both aerial and root portions of the plant. I like the Nature’s Way formula with some cayenne pepper in it for added circulation effect. Take  1-2 ml +/- (2-3 squeezes of the dropper). Every 4 hours for the first 24-48 hours, then 3-squeezes 3 times daily for the next 3-5 days, or as needed.  Chase or mix with water or tea – I like to add it to herbal tea of any type.

Sambucol: Nature’s Way [code SAM21] – This thick great-tasting elderberry extract is indicated when a virus is active.  It appears to affect the virus by inhibiting the viral activity.  The great taste allows for great compliance with kids. – Take 1-2 TBS, 3 times per day for up to 7 days.

Zinc Lozenges: [code ZNL] use only if a sore throat is present – Lozenges need to contain a certain form of

zinc to be effective for sore throat and colds.  Use every 2 hours at the 1st sign of cold/sore throat.

EHB: IT, Inc. (code EHB).  This is a go-to combination of nutrients and herbs for some immune support and antimicrobial effect.  Take 2, 3x/day, when needed.

Recommended Changes in Diet if you ARE sick

  • Limit dairy if there is any mucous production with the illness.  Milk, frozen milk products and excess cheese are known to be mucous producing for many people.
  • No refined sugars due to the drop in immune system activity.  Our immune system is impaired by excess refined sugars, especially on an empty stomach.  Avoid sweetened snacks as much as possible.

…My favorite treatment for the first sign of a cold or flu is the “Wet Sock Treatment”.  This is one of the traditional treatments, used for centuries. I recommend it to both children and adults—the instructions are the same.

“Wet Sock Treatment”

When to use this treatment: Whenever there is any congestion in the ears, nose, throat, or chest, especially if sleep is interrupted or disturbed.  This treatment draws the congestion and pressure away from your ears nose throat and lungs.  It has also been shown to stimulate WBC activity, thereby providing a better night sleep and a faster recovery.  Children generally sleep exceptionally well on nights the “set socks” are used.

What you need: Some hot water (to initially soak your feet), Cold water (to soak the cotton socks), Cotton socks, wool socks, a comfortable bed to fall asleep.


First: Warm feet in warm water while soaking summer-weight cotton socks in ice water.  1st rule of hydrotherapy is to always apply the cold part of a treatment on a warmed part of the body.  Sometimes with very young children their feet are so warm to begin with this step can be skipped.  Soak for about 5 minutes or more until feet are obviously warm to the touch

Second: Wring out cotton socks so they are just damp to the touch and put them on.

Third: Cover wet sock completely with dry wool socks and immediately go to bed for the night.  Wool is very important here and should cover the cotton entirely.  Do not continue with any activity once socks are on; add extra blankets to the bed for warm sleeping.

In the morning all socks should be dry and warm.  If cotton socks are still wet, wring them out more and/or warm your feet more the following night.


Updated 1/2022