Longevity and a Mind Toward Safety

I want to share a slide I used in a lecture last weekend. The CDC tracks death by age group.  Y’all know that I spend my professional life trying to help you effectively find health and longevity by following proven metrics, especially blood tests. And it is true, this is GREAT for reducing risk of the three out of the top four killers, heart attacks, strokes and cancers. But unintentional accidents? This is #1 for men under the age of 50 (typically through car accidents) and does beg for recognition. BTW, there is no blood test result that helps guide you toward driving more safely. Please, as a cyclist and fellow driver in a small car, please avoid distraction and reckless behavior behind the wheel. Longevity? You first have to make it past the unintentional accidents.  And for women, this involves you too.  Here is your CDC chart – and it looks similar. https://www.cdc.gov/women/lcod/2011/womenall_2011.pdf

Be well, live long and be safe this summer! – Richard

Hey – a better graphic for MEN and death risks is here: https://www.cdc.gov/men/lcod/2013/allagesmen2013.pdf

and for the other 3 out of four of the top – get your metabolism to the best, most insulin sensitive it can be. – RM


Longevity in Med Slide2